Applebee's Nutrition


I want to talk about Applebee's nutrition because I like their Chinese/Asian chicken salad. If you have an elementary school student, you probably have been in Applebee's many times due to their cooperation with schools' reading programs.

This casual style chain restaurant is paying attention to the nutritious needs of their guests. They offer substitution suggestions for people who want to watch out what they put into their stomach and body systems.

Here are the meanings of their labels:

Cals: Calories
Trans Fat: Trans Fat
Fiber: Fiber
Tot Fat: Total Fat
Sod: Sodium
Prot: Protein
Sat Fat: Saturated Fat
Carb: Carbohydrates
(g): grams, (mg): milligrams

I appreciate what they are trying to do by providing nutritional information for you to make better eating decisions. But if you pay too much attention to the numbers, it will affect the enjoyment of eating. Having a few rough guidelines in mind will be enough. The following are a few tips.

Keep in mind that there are always certain differences between the actual nutritional content of the ordered item and the nutritional values provided in its menu. The freshness of the items, the natural variability that occurs within ingredients and the amount of it will unavoidably fluctuate due to the hand-crafted nature of each plate, thus affecting the nutrition you take.

Tips for a Better Healthy Meal at Applebee's


  • Select your entree from the healthy menu of Weight Watchers or Unbelievably Great Tasting and Under 550 Calories.

  • Ask for sauces and dressings to be served on the side so you can control how much you intake. You can ask for dressing that has reduced fat.

  • Substitute fried items, such as chicken or shrimp, with grilled ones.

  • Substitute mashed potatoes, fries or onion rings with salad, fresh fruit or steamed vegetables.

  • Select the half portion of any of their Signature Salads.

  • Request a whole wheat bun for sandwiches or burgers .

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