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Here you'll find some of the most popular authentic Chinese recipes online. They are time-tested dishes that are delicious and special in different ways.

Some are for specific occasions, such as moon cake. It is normally made for the Mid-Autumn Festival, though you can find it in some big Chinese bakeries year-round.

Some are for everyday enjoyment, like egg rolls. You can have them in almost every Chinese restaurant. If a Chinese restaurant doesn't carry it on its menu, you'll have a good reason to doubt if it's authentic. The Chinese egg roll has such a "normal" presence that a restaurant without it lacks something Chinese.

While many people enjoy various Chinese cooking styles that adapt to the tastes of people from around the world, some still love authentic Chinese cooking.

Here are some of them. And if you want to enjoy these authentic dishes an authentic way, you'll need Chinese tea too. Wu Long tea, jasmine tea and green tea are widely available teas.

If you'll have a more romantic or intimate dinner, my suggestion is to have flowering tea or blooming tea. It'll add beauty to the ambience.

Of course, the most authentic Chinese food you can get on earth is in China. Here you can find related information including China visa and Chinese culture.

Now enjoy the following authentic Chinese recipes:

Eggs and Dandelion Recipe: This is a new addition that comes from my experiment. Because I use a Chinese Wok to make it and I'm a Chinese cook, I list it here as one of the authentic Chinese recipes. My kids love it. This recipe helps to enjoy the benefits of dandelion. You may find more information about dandelion leaves here.

Char Siu Pork, or Chinese Red Roast Pork Recipe

Tea Eggs
The delicious and auspicious Chinese tea eggs are enjoyed year round, especially during the Chinese New Year.

Chinese Rice Cake Recipe
Chinese Rice Cake Recipe is one of my favorite Chinese bakery recipes. It's perfect for anyone who loves simple recipes and Chinese desserts. It's also one of my most enjoyed Chinese sticky rice recipes.

Chestnut Chicken
This Chinese chestnut chicken recipe is one of my family's favorites on Chinese New Year or on ordinary days.

Chinese Dumpling Recipe
This is one of the best Chinese dumpling recipes, and one of the best Chinese food recipes. Very representative of the Chinese food culture. Fun and delicious! Good for gatherings.

Chinese Eggroll Recipe
I love it, and my kids do too. This Chinese egg roll recipe comes with history. It's my family's treat and a traditional Chinese recipe among the authentic Chinese recipes for kids.

Moon Cake Recipe
This Chinese moon cake recipe can let you enjoy the special delicacy of Chinese desserts. Mooncake is normally for the Chinese moon festival. With this recipe, you can have it whenever you want.

Chinese BBQ Pork Recipe
I'm very happy to have this recipe. It's one of the popular Chinese recipes that I'm eager to use in my kitchen.

Chinese Eggplant Recipe
Chinese eggplant recipe is ridiculously easy and VERY good! After your first try, you'll want to make it a regular dish.

Mongolian Beef Recipe
Mongolian beef is enjoyed by millions. You don't have to order a takeout today; this recipe allows you to have a nice meal quickly.

Roast chicken recipe
This roast chicken recipe is great for toasting a whole chicken. Easy to do. Tastes great. You'll love it!

Moo Shu Pork
Moo Shu pork is also called Mu Xu pork. It's a pork recipe, daylily recipe, and a beef recipe too with a slight change of the ingredients. You can make it a vegetarian recipe if you want. Its versatility allows you to enjoy it many ways.

Kung Pao Chicken
Kung Pao Chicken is an authentic Szechuan chicken recipe. It's also called Kung Po chicken or Gong Bao Chicken in Mandarin. Quick, easy and delicous! It's one of the healthy chicken recipes. Looking for easy dinner recipes and Szechuan recipes in China food? Here it is.

Szechuan Chicken
An authentic Szechuan recipe with chicken: quick, easy and delicous! It's one of the healthy chicken recipes. Looking for easy dinner recipes and Szechuan recipes in China food? Here it is.

Mandarin Duck Recipe
An authentic Mandarin Duck Recipe is one of the authentic recipes from CHina that will make you sing praise over and over again.

New Recipes Coming Soon!

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