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Cooking Light Chinese Food RecipesCookinglight is a food related brand in the United States, but it is a nutrition principle that was addressed on one important day in China -- "National Student Nutrition Day".

You meant China has such a day for students?

Yeah. I didn't know that until recently I emerged from my busy America living and got in touch with my friends in China.


It makes sense to me though. May is the month that is close to the days for all the 12th grade students to participate the BIG test that can determine their future -- Chinese SAT. Just imagine the population and the competition. It is THE test you want to try to avoid messing it up, if you are in your right mind.

In my days, the test was in July so July was called "black July". Now the black month has been moved one month ahead to June. Every family and school that has a student for the test is intensely preparing for it in every way they can, including nutrition. It's a battle that they have to fight and can't afford to lose, though losing is the fate for many.

So many nutrition experts have been interviewed for this occassion. The following is the summary of what the experts said. I think the principals can apply to anyone who desires healthy meals. And the principals can be further captured in one word: cookinglight. Hmm, maybe I should use three words: make cooking light.

Here is how and why:

Cook with less oil, more veggies and the right amount of protein. Use good oil whenever you can, such as olive oil.

Balance the protein class of nutrients. Though protein is very important, too much of them will increase the burden for the digestive system and kidneys. It may make you sleepy or lack energy if you have too much of it.

Reduce fat intake. Eat less deep-fried food or other types of fat-rich foods to prevent from being overweight and obese, thus keep further health problems away from you.

Eat more vitamin-rich foods. Vitamins are important factors in maintaining good body functions. Fruits and veggies are loaded with these good minerals. Try to incude them in every meal, including breakfast. Some people think that a milk-and-eggs breakfast is a good meal, but reality it is not nutritionally balanced. Some veggies and fruit would make the meal more nutritionally balanced.

Some vitamins are essential to the metabolism of the brain and nerve system, such as vitamin B1 and vitamin B6. You can find these vitamins in some common foods such as brown rice and whole wheats.

Take antioxidant nutrients, such as beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E, to improve your efficiency. These antioxidants can be found in various fresh vegetables, fruits and teas.

Find Cooking Light Chinese Food Recipes, leave the spicy and deep fried ones out.


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