Amazing Fish Decorations


Can you tell that the following are fish decorations and fish pictures? Fish bones and parts that are usually discarded as useless are something valuable in the hands of a fish artist. It's one addition to 'fish facts'. Take a look at this fish art from China News.

Fish Decorations

Fish Decorations 2

Fish Decorations 3

The artist's name is Han-bing Lin. All these pictures were designed first before he began to look for the materials that were ideal for his specific artwork.

Fish bones, scales, gills, gill covers, red antenna of shrimps and crab shells, etc., were his treasures to build these works of art. "There's beauty everywhere if you have an eye to look for it," he says.

His art began with an accident. One day in October 1998, he went to eat with friends in a restaurant. When he finished the fish, he noticed that the bone was very pretty, like a teenage girl who was playing violin in a white dress. That was the inspiration. Why couldn't I use fish bones in my art? he thought.

A unique art form was about to be born.

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