Amazing Fish Pictures Without Fish to See


In these fish pictures, the fish world has been transformed into something amazing that is familiar to humans. You can't see a single fish or fish bone in the fish art. One can't help but think that there's something more in fish; their bones aren't something useless.

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Artist Han-bing Lin at right. (Photo credit:

Han-bing Lin made his art according the characteristics of his material. He loves his hometown Xiamen, where he still lives, and had more than 20 designs specifically tailored to it, taking its scenes as the contents. His ambition is to make his art one of the images of his city.

If you go to Xiamen, you'll find his art studio and museum with his fish bone art which varies in realistic and abstract themes.

Isn't it awesome to turn something that is considered waste into something beautiful and valuable? Fish bone art is a form of green art. I really like the environmental consciousness that is embedded in those amazing creations.


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