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Glycemic Index of Some Common Foods

Low glycemic foods have a rating of 55 or less. Medium glycemic foods have a rating of 56 to 69. High glycemic foods have a rating of 70 or more.

Fruits Glycemic index


Apples Low 38
Apricots (dried) Low 30
Apricots (fresh) Medium 57
Bananas (See Yuan Bao recipe ) Low 52
Cherries Low 22
Dates High 103
Oranges (See Orange Chicken recipe) Low 42
Pears Low 38
Pineapple (See pineapple in a cake recipe) Medium 66
Strawberries Low 40
Watermelon High 72
Vegetables Glycemic index Rating
Asparagus Low 15
Broccoli (See broccoli and chicken recipe) Low 15
Carrots Low 49
Eggplant (See Chinese eggplant recipe) Low 15
Green beans Low 15
Green peas Low 48
Potato, baked (such as russet) High 85
Potato, new (such as small red) Medium 57
Pumpkin High 75
Spinach Low 15
Tomatoes Low 15
Yam, boiled Low 35
Zucchini Low 15
Dried and canned beans and legumes Glycemic index Rating
Kidney beans (cooked from dried) Low 29
Kidney beans (canned) Low 52
Chickpeas (canned) Low 42
Lentils (cooked from dried) Low 29
Peanuts Low 15
Cereals and grains Glycemic index Rating
All-Bran cereal Low 42
Barley (cracked) Low 50
Corn flakes cereal High 83
Rice (brown) Medium 55
Rice (white) Medium 58
Rice (sticky) High 98
Shredded wheat cereal Medium 69
Breads and pastries Glycemic index Rating
Bagel High 72
Croissant Medium 67
Doughnut (See Chinese Doughnut Recipe) High 76
Whole-grain bread (See quinoa grain ) Low 50
Tortilla (wheat) Low 30
Hamburger bun (white) Medium 61
Multigrain bread Low 48
White bread High 71
Pasta Glycemic index Rating
Spaghetti (whole wheat) Low 37
Spaghetti (white) Low 41
Spaghetti (durum wheat) Medium 55
Macaroni Low 47

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