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Green tea pills are the products of mordern life. They are tailored to meet the needs of different life styles and paces. Like many food supplements, green tea supplements are easy to take. They are great for those who seek the benefits of green tea, but have no time to steep the herb daily, or simply don't enjoy the taste of green tea that much.

Since vitamins have been in pill forms so long and the pills of green tea look just like vitamins, they are called "green tea vitamins" by many. The way that they are easy to be integrated into weight loss plan make them popular among those who use green tea diet as their rutine.

Green tea pills have all the benefites green tea has, some even believe that they are even more potent then the liquid form. However, in terms of absorbing, many still believe that liquid green tea is easier to be taken in by our body, thus more beneficial in result if taken in the same amount as the pills.

Here Are the List of Benefits That Green Tea Pills Have:

Something That Is Better to Know

Although green tea pills share all the health benefits with green tea, taking them is not as care free as taking liquid green tea because they are in very concentrated form. A Chinese idiom describes the reason pretty well: Having too much of something is as the same as not have enough of it. Why?

Too much love without the right boundaries spoils, the result is as bad as not love enough. Too much heat from the sun can damage plants, the result is as bad as not have enough sun exposure.

And we all know that vitamin C is good stuff, right? Do you know that vitamin C overdose can hinder metabolic activities in the body, causing stomachaches, cramps, nausea, and diarrhea? It also increases the risk of developing kidney stones.

Further more, too much vitamin C reduces the amount of copper in our body that is is an essential nutrient for our health. And if you already have too much iron, vitamin C will help you to absorb more, which in turn cause problem.

The same rule goes with green tea pill consumtion. Green tea pills ovedose can result in some serious problems that cause health damage, such as iron deffeciency, diarrhea, irritability, stomach upset, constipation, insomnia, restlessness and heart palpitations. And if you are pregnant, be careful with the pills, overdose of green tea pills can result in neural tube birth defect in children.

In conclution, we need to keep things in the right amount to stay healthy, even good stuff. Don't take green tea pills, such as Mega Green Tea, more than recommended. And if you've already had health concerns, or are taking some medicines, it's a good idea to seek the advice of your health care proffessionals.

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