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Here on this page you'll find some healthy eating recipes and the basic information for healthy cooking. Just want recipes? Click here.

When we understand how nutrients work in our body, we'll have a healthier perspective on the way we cook and improve our dishes.

The Old Food Pyramid of USDA:

We all want to have a healthy life. When it comes to details on how to have it, it's obvious that an eating guide is necessary for physical well-being.

In 1992, a Food Guide Pyramid, as shown at left, was made by the Center for Nutrition Policy & Promotion of USDA (the United States Department of Agriculture). It was intended to help the public.

Foods were presented in groups to indicate how many servings one needed in order to have a healthy diet.

However, “servings” is a pretty relative notion. Some people use bigger portions than others and get overweight despite of their belief that they've been cooking and eating healthy.

And this food pyramid emphasizes bread / rice group more than others. It didn’t show how to have balanced nutrition if you have physical activities and other special needs, like for a child, a pregnant woman or people with health concerns.

The New Food Pyramid of USDA:

13 years later, in 2005, a new, improved version “My Pyramid – steps to a healthier you” was released.

It retains all food groups in the daily diet as the previous pyramid; but puts the 6 groups parallel instead of horizontally. You can see from the left graphic that the weight of each group represented is a little different from the previous one:

  1. Orange stripe: grain group
  2. Green stripe: vegetable group
  3. Red stripe: fruit group
  4. yellow stripe: oil group
  5. Blue stripe: meat and beans group
  6. Dark blue stripe: milk group

It incorporates recommendations from the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and put exercise and individual needs into perspective.

Based on this guidline, the new pyramid offers you a personalized eating plan by using its interactive tools. It makes it easier now to have healthy eating recipes of your own if you have special health concerns.

It also limits the consumption of some food components, which wasn't offered in the old version of the food pyramid. This puts a limit on the intake of cholesterol, fats, and calories.

Continue to see more details about each group. >>

>> Basics for Healthy Eating Recipes 1, 2, 3, 4

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