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A Good Iced Tea Dispenser or Beverage Dispenser: How to Buy One


Iced Tea Dispenser,  Beverage Dispenser

You might need an iced tea dispenser or a beverage dispenser when you plan to host a crowd of people, like at parties, open houses or other gatherings. Or you may need even a few of them if the crowd is large.


Many beverage dispensers leak or have other problems. Here are some tips when you do need to shop for one.

  • If the product has glazes, make sure the glazes don't contain lead.

  • Some products have separate ice bowls. The pro is that the ice won't water down the beverage you serve; the con is that it may not keep the drink cool enough. Some people solve this problem by inserting a tall vase to contain extra ice in order to keep the beverage cool. You may find a dispenser with a built-in column that is to be filled with ice.

  • Shop around and read reviews. Some products have developed over time and the newer versions have none of the problems that the older version has. You'll want to buy the newer versions.

  • Some products may work for a few times or a few hours before leaking begins. So again, read product reviews and you may be free of the hassles of returning it.

  • If you plan to use the dispenser for various drinks, you may want to purchase one without any written words, such as iced tea, lemonade, etc.

  • The looks of some dispensers are better than others, but the looks may not represent their qualities.

  • Make sure you know if the iced tea dispenser you like is easy to set up, take apart, and clean. These qualities can save you much headache later.

  • Pay attention to the parts of a dispenser. Many iced tea or beverage dispensers have parts that are made of plastics, such as the spouts and spigots. They may not be BPA free.

  • Depending on what kind of beverage you want to put in the dispenser, if your drink is going to stay in the dispenser for longer than a few hours, the general advice is to not use plastic ones. The plastic might release toxic substances into your drink over time.

  • In general, try to avoid buying a dispenser with a plastic spout. It tends to be delicate and breaks relatively easily. If you don't have better choices, buy the one with good reviews.

Good luck!

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