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Jasmine green tea is one of the most popular Chinese drinks. It's actually a flower tea that has been enjoyed for about 1000 years, dating back to the Song Dynasty.

It's normally a loose leaf tea with flavor that improves over time since generations of tea makers have been perfecting it.

The reason people call one type of jasmine tea green tea is because the way jasmine tea is made; green tea is used as the base for it (sometimes Wu long tea is used instead). And it can distinguish itself from the pure form of jasmine flower tea (without green tea leaves as its base).

As a flower tea, jasmine tea is made two ways, resulting in the absence or presence of jasmine flowers. Click for the details of flower tea.

Jasmine tea is praised because of its freshening aroma. It's in Chinese poems and literature, enjoyed by all walks of people. Whenever you have a cup of jasmine tea, you take the smell of spring with you.

My Early Jasmine Tea Experiences

Jasmine tea was part of my childhood, and I believe that I wasn't the only one; China is big on tea.

One of my earliest tea experiences was drinking jasmine tea. When I grew older and heard that the word "jasmine" meant "gift from god", I felt how true it was.

One of my early literature experiences was with jasmine tea too. There was an genius of an author named Eileen Chang (Yangling Zhang in Mandarin), who worked in U.C. Berkeley for years in her later life. She named one series of her early stories "Jasmine Tea", and this series really hit me hard with it literary power and led me to her other works.

Why Jasmine Green Tea Is Loved by Many

It has the fragrance of jasmine flowers and the health properties of green tea:

It also provides some visual enjoyment too.

This effect is bring further by the development of flowering tea (different from flower tea). Jasmine flowers are used in this artful craft tea with poetic names, such as Jasmine Fairy.

I love to drink both green jasmine tea and flower jasmine tea. They're treats from life.

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