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To lower blood pressure naturally is a dream to many. But it can be reached.

A study by the Colorado State University suggests that foods rich in potassium may play a role in decreasing blood pressure. Dinking green tea is also one of the ways.

What's Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is the force that pushes outwards on the arterial walls. There are two numbers: one is the force when the heart is contracting and the other is when the heart is at rest. The normal range is below 120/80; otherwise it's considered high.

What's the Danger of High Blood Pressure?

If the force is continuously high, arteries are stretched and stretched. Once it goes beyond the healthy limit, it may scar or become weak, which may cause strokes, heart attacks, or other damage to the brain, eyes and kidneys.

Here is more about high blood pressure symptoms.

How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturallyblood pressure monitor

There are various ways to lower blood pressure without medications. The following is a list of them. And here are the reasons behind the list.



How Does Green Tea Help Reduce Blood Pressure?

lower blood pressure naturallyDrinking green tea has been a pasttime shared by millions. A cup of green tea a day can reduce the likelihood of hypertension into half. According to studies, the polyphenols in green tea, especially the one called ECGC, sees to that.

We all have good blood pressure (below 120/80) at some points in our lives. But when years go by, our body changes, sometimes unnoticeably until it becomes a problem.

Many of us don't have any concern about our health until the "three highs" (hyperlipemia, hyperglycemia, and hypertension blood pressure) come unexpectedly. Even when our doctors tell us the problem, we still might not feel anything until it becomes very serious.

Green tea is a good tool to fight the three highs, including high blood pressure.

Other Benefits of Green Tea


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