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Philosophy Skincare & Chinese TeasPhilosophy Skincare & Chinese TeasPhilosophy Skincare & Chinese Teas

When I was introduced to the brand Philosophy skincare products, I wasn't eager to try until I saw its ingredients, one of which is Camellia sinensis.



It gives the Philosophy products a certain credibility, which caused me to try it out. The reason? I was a beneficiary of Chinese teas.

The name sinensis means Chinese in Latin. Camellia sinensis is the species of plant whose leaves and leaf buds are used to produce Chinese tea. The word Camellia literally means "mountain tea" or "mountain tea flower" in Chinese; in Mandarin pinyin, it is Shancha.

When tea plants, tea trees, and tea shrubs are mentioned, they are actually camellia sinensis. Because Chinese teas have virtues such as anti-aging, Philosophy skincare products, or those of other brands, that contain camellia sinensis extract may have the benefits of Chinese teas to make them better products, especially the benefits of green tea.

You can find out here why green tea helps you stay young.

Philosophy's Miracle Worker claims that "in an independent clinical study based on 4 weeks of use, 92% of subjects showed improvement in overall signs of aging: reduces skin discoloration, restores a healthy glow to dull skin and revitalizes the appearance of sun-damaged skin." It is largely due to the anti-aging ingredients it contains.

A little more about Chinese teas: Chinese teas are commonly divided into the following types of teas. They are all from camellia sinensis; it's the different ways of processing that lets them attain various levels of oxidation, based on which their names are given.

They are normally loose leaf teas.

I hope you enjoy drinking healthy Chinese teas like I do, no matter if you use Philosophy skincare products or not. Health is the foundation of bodily beauty. That's my firm belief.

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