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As a Chinese family, rice is a regular on our table. After I fell in love with quinoa, it became a welcome addition to our diet.

Since I like to buy organic quinoa which is more expensive than the white rice we eat, and we don't want to give up the rice we love, so I found a solution for us to enjoy rice and the health benefits of quinoa in a simple step.

Here is my secret, a simplest recipe I use for cooking quinoa. I don't need to change anything about what we eat. If you like to eat rice, you will like what I do.

The Simplest Quinoa Recipe:

First, I wash two cups of rice and add it and water to my rice cooker as usual. I plug in the wire and turn on the cooker.

Then I add 1/2 cup pre-washed organic quinoa into rice cooker, blend with a wooden spoon or a pair of chopsticks, or whatever comes handy.

Cover the ricecooker. That's it. When the rice is done, so is the quinoa.

Since I don't add extra water to ricecooker, the result is that the rice is a little harder than usual which make it a perfect candedate for making fried rice. My daughters and their friends love my fried rice.

The secret is that the rice have to be hard enough so that every single grain of rice is seperate from each other. You might have heard that you need to use cold rice to achieve this result, the reality is that you don't have to as long as you can make the rice just right in its hardness or softness for stir-frying.


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