Buying an Electric Rice Cooker


Electric rice cookers are one of the Chinese cooking utensils, a handy cooking ware with or without a cooking steamer. It can cook the rice for you and keep it warm after the cooking.

Rice cookers come with various types and prices. You can find the basic kinds and programmable kinds on the market. Normally, functions come with a price. The more functions itr has, the higher its price is.

Mid-range ones have settings for various types of rice, vegetables and soup. Higher-priced models are generally better at cooking special rice types, such as sushi rice and brown rice.

Tips on Shopping for This Asian Cookware:

1. Consider Your Needs and Personality

If you eat rice very often, are busy and don't mind incorporating programming into your morning routine, a programmable cooker is a good choice for you. You can have your rice warm and ready when you come back from your business. That's why some call it "rice cooker and warmer."

2. One-piece Unit vs. a Cooker with a Glass Lid

Two-piece cookers with glass lids will have water spitting out a bit when cooking. The rice also cools down quicker than the one-piece cooker. Some say it also cooks rice unevenly.

I use a two piece cooker myself. Though I'm busy, I find that if I cook the rice first, then cook my dishes (easy and quick dishes, nutritious too), when my dishes are done cooking, so is the rice. It works fine with my arrangement and avoids the drawback of the keep-warm setting, which gradually dries the rice.

3. Nonstick Pots

It makes cleanup easy. The shortcoming is that it can be scratched easily. Be sure to wash it with a soft sponge or cloth. Some people have concerns about the chemicals in the coating. If it is scratched, it's best not to use it anymore for health reasons.

4. Some Cookers Have Steamers

The steamer basket is a good way to cook vegetables, healthy and quick. If it's not the way you like to cook veggies, then you don't need to spend extra money on this addition for a cooker.

5. Cooker's Cup and Measuring Cup

Usually a cup comes with a cooker, but this cup doesn't necessarily mean the same amount as the measuring cup you normally use. Follow the instructions of your cooker when you cook.

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