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Staying Young

Staying young is everybody's dream. How to stay young is a secret that many people believe don't exist.



I don't think it's possible to stay as young as 20 years old no matter how old you are. But we do have ways to stay younger than our actual age. I'm not talking about face lifting or makeup magic. I'm talking about body age.

How Our Body Becomes Old

We have talked about how our memory is affeccted when we age and why. We'll focus on "age marker" telomeres here.

Telomeres are the protective end caps on our DNA strands, kind of like the caps on the ends of shoe strings that prevent the strings from unraveling. Researchers use them to monitor our body age and give them a name “age marker”.

Telomeres become shorter when our cells divide. The more the cell divides, the shorter the telomere becomes, and the older our body gets.

The length of a telomere is finite, meaning it can be finished. When that happens, the cells can no longer divide. And this is not a good news for our body's defense and health.

One of the reasons that diseases accelerate the aging process of our body is that they cause cell damage. When it happens, our body divides cells to repair itself, but in turn causes telomeres to become shorter.

When telomeres finally disappear and the cells can no longer divide, the repair stops.

Telomeres work pretty efficiently at keeping us staying young. But they are getting shorter inevitably, not only because they are doing their jobs of repairing damaged cells; but also because that they are highly susceptible to oxidative stress, which is imposed by various oxidizing sources, such as oxygen that works in our metabolism, toxins in water and food, air pollution and natural and artificial radiation.

However, we can get external help to aid telomeres and cells.

Youth Drink -- Green Tea

Studies have shown that three or more cups of green tea a day can help you stay young.

This green herb can not only keep unhealthy fat and cholesterol from clogging the arteries to help us have a healthy heart, but also have very strong antioxidative properties that protect telomeres from oxidative damage during normal aging process. The difference can be five years of life.

It makes sense, then, to integrate green tea into your life style to stay healthy. Green tea can't work alone though. If you have yourself stressed out by overloading responsibilities on your shoulders, green tea can help some, but its effect will be offset by other unhealthy habits.

There are various ways of staying young, which work together to help a person stay as healthy as his/her age can be. Healthy eating, little stress and the right amount of exercise, ect., they all count. Stay young by keeping them in your daily routine, and drink green tea.

Other Green Tea benefits:

If you want to know more about the keys to a healthy lifestyle, you may want to check out Sandy's page.


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