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Simple Stress Management Methods


Simple Stress Management Methods

Stress management has become an important life skill in modern society because nobody is immune to life's ups, downs, twists and turns, which can be stressors, weighing on your mind and your body, opening the door to illness and disease.

The fact that stress has been presenting itself as part of life to everybody, unavoidable and indiscriminate makes stress management necessary, especially when chronic stress is presented. If it's not managed properly, it can make existing health problems worse.

There are various ways to reduce stress symptoms. Some relaxation techniques use breathing and visualization skills to calm you down and increase body awareness. Many health facilities offer stress management courses to help people deal with daily stressors.

And we have many other simple ways to make our life quality better.

Here Are Some Simple Actions You May Take:sress management dog

First, stand on both hands like the dog is doing.

Just kidding. :) (Hey, maybe it's not a bad idea at all! If you can, why not?)

Here in the list below are the really simple ones. They are stress relievers, arranged in alphabetical order. Choose some from the list that are best suited to yourself.

A simple action benefits us in the long run. Don't ignore them because they are simple. Instead, treat them as part of our stress management strategies so you'll be able to enjoy life better.

Ask what you need and give yourself what you need:

Ask for help: Don't try to do everything by yourself. Even Superman can't do that.

Have a cup of tea: Drinking tea can be our internal spa time, and one of the Chinese relaxing techniques. The teas that help me most when I want to relax is flowering tea, or blooming tea. They are natural stress relivers.

Prioritize, say "No" and ask for what you need: Clear communication is the key sometimes.

Allow yourself to be away from negative people: Being helpful to people when you need your positive energy is always good. It's necessary to take time to be away from them, though; you need some time to care for yourself. It makes sense that it's hard to care for others when a person is not doing well her/himself.

Be positive: Consciously choosing our attitude is very powerful in dealing with stress. Some food for thought may help. Or watch a funny video for 20 minutes. It can lower high blood pressure10 points.

Have a nice and healthy meal or snack: Try not to COMFORT yourself with eating. Iinstead, REWARD youself with a healthy meal.


Do something to get yourself out of the current mood

Do it now! Action is anti-stress.

Clean a closet
Hum a tune, sing a song
play a instrument
Listen to music
Plant a flower
Run in the park
Watch a sunset
Watch a sunrise
Say a prayer
See a movie
Play with a child
Do Tai Chi
Get some rest
Go to the beach
Keep a journal
Lie in the sun
Throw a ball
Talk to a friend
Tell a joke
Take a break
Light a candle
Give a blessing
Give a compliment
Give a hug
Pet a pet
Read a book
Take a bubble bath
Take a deep breath
Take a nap
Take a walk

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