A Simple Stress Test


A stress test is the first step of stress management.

Stress and anxiety are very common nowadays, and they aren't something that we can't deal with. To seek stress relief is a very normal and highly encouraged action before we reach the breaking point. Do find the the proper ways to do it, though.

While the reasons that cause stress vary, stress that is caused by lack of time management is pretty common. People who identify their stress with this cause use certain time management software or have time management training to help them.

If you want to know if you are stressed and how much you've been stressed, there are different types of tests you can have. Here below is a very simple one that will give you a rough idea about your stress level.

Keep in mind that the following questions are using common stress symptoms and common sense to give you a simple test; it is not meant to replace a clinical assessment. If your stress score in this test is pretty high, you may need to seek proper help.

Now Answer the 20 Questions With Yes or No

Before you begin, notice that there is a word "frequently" in all the following questions, since only in high frequency may a behavior indicate a stress problem, distinguishing itself from what is considered normal.

  1. Do you frequently race through the day?

  2. Do you frequently get angry easily?

  3. Do you frequently get irritated easily ?

  4. Do you frequently neglect your diet?

  5. Do you frequently make a "big deal" about almost everything?

  6. Do you frequently try to finish everything by yourself?

  7. Do you frequently keep everything inside?

  8. Do you frequently ignore exercise?

  9. Do you frequently fail to find the humor in situations that others do?

  10. Do you frequently delay doing things until later?

  11. Do you frequently get angry when you have to wait?

  12. Do you frequently feel that you are disorganized and complain about it?

  13. Do you frequently chase unrealistic goals?

  14. Do you frequently think there is only one way to do something right?

  15. Do you frequently have very few friends or family members who are supportive?

  16. Do you frequently rest too little?

  17. Do you frequently complain a lot about the past?

  18. Do you frequently feel unable to deal with what you have to do?

  19. Do you frequently have no relaxation almost every day?

  20. Do you frequently ignore stress symptoms?

Here Are the Result of the Stress Test:

If the number of your "YES" is between

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