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What Is Potassium?


Potassium is a mineral that is essential to good health. It helps maintain fluid balance, nerve function, and muscle contraction, as well as the proper transmission of electrical impulses in the heart.


If you ever fancy cutting a metal with a knife, it can be a good candidate because it is soft.

Do you know what fireworks and toothpaste have in common? A potassium compound called potassium nitrate. Yes, it is in your food too.

Though we might know potassium is a metallic element, most of us don't care its symbol is K and can be put to industrial use. We are also comfortable of not knowing who, when and how it was seperated from what. At least I am.

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However, it becomes relevant to us when we aware that this element is an essential mineral that provides benefits to our body. We need potassium rich foods if we want to be healthy, because potassium deficiency for a prolonged period of time can put us in risk of health complications, like high blood pressure, heart problem and stroke.

Here is my personal story if you want to know. The point is: potassium is very important. Both low and high potassium levels can disrupt the normal electrical impulses in the heart, leading to irregular heartbeats.

Potatoes and bananas are especially good sources of potassium, which also is found in many meats, milks, fruits, vegetables, and grains.


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Home Nutrition Articles & Tips What Is Potassium


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